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Buffalo Rumblings Turns Five Years Old

rumblings 1.0
rumblings 1.0

5,900 front-page stories. 5,847 FanPosts and 4,134 FanShots. Too many comments to count. That, Buffalo Bills fans, is what we've accomplished in the first five years in the history of Buffalo Rumblings.

Well, no, it's not, actually. Numbers, as ever, don't do the whole story justice. Five years ago today, made its official debut on SB Nation. I was, at the time, a junior in college. I didn't know a tenth of what I know now about the Bills, football in general, and most importantly, the extent to which Bills fans are passionate about their team. Our community was lucky to get a comment a day, and daily visitors numbering in the triple digits were cause for celebration. Discourse was high-level, but also took place amongst very few.

A lot has changed in five years, from the size of this community to the size of our company to, we can only hope, the fortunes of the football team that we've gathered here to talk about for the last 1,826 consecutive days. I'm thankful for a lot of things - and I can't mention the words "thankful for" without throwing a "Matt Warren" at the end, by the way - but I am most thankful for the fact that this place, when we're all on our A games, represents the best slice of the Bills' fan base that can be tangibly pointed to. (Save for Sundays at the Ralph, of course.) (And yeah, I'm probably biased.)

It's been a fun and rewarding five years, friends. Thanks for helping to make this place what it is. Here's to many more.