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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 5/13

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Jackson surprises mom with gigantic gesture -
Read about the home Fred Jackson gave his mother earlier this year. It was before he received his new contract, too.

Bills Focus: Bill Polian Selected for Wall of Fame -
"Former Bills general manager and the architect of the AFC Championship teams Bill Polian was selected as the 28th member of the Buffalo Bills Wall of Fame."

Young's presence to push Fitz to play like a No. 1 - Jerry Sullivan
"So if there's a quarterback controversy, it will be a bad thing for the Bills. It will mean that Fitzpatrick has failed to keep up with heightened expectations. It will mean he's holding back a team that is upgrading at other positions and venturing into new competitive territory."

Polian named Bills 28th Wall of Famer -
"I can’t tell you how excited I am," said Polian not long after he was given the news by Bills Hall of Fame owner Ralph Wilson. "I told Mr. Wilson I really couldn’t find words adequate to express my gratitude and happiness... I have such a warm spot in my heart in Buffalo, for all the friends we’ve made there, all of the wonderful times that we’ve had there. It’s just marvelous to come back and have this opportunity."

Inside The Bills | K Potter kicking too far
"The problem is none of his kickoffs could be fielded because they were sailing over the heads of the return men, who were standing as deep as they could in the back of the end zone. Finally one of the special teams coaches had to tell Potter to back up because the returners weren’t getting any work."

Inside The Bills | WR Graham setting goals
"Learn the playbook. I’m a perfectionist so I like to be perfect," he said. "I’m harder on myself more than anybody else. Learn the plays. I know I can run and do everything else so learning the plays would be the toughest thing so that’s my goal."

Inside The Bills | Fred also got dad a gift too
"He also gave my husband a truck," said Fred’s mother Latricia. "The thing is when they gave us the house, my husband just kind of stood there in shock and then Fredrick said, ‘Come here dad.’ And we go out in front of the house and he said, ‘That’s your truck!’ You know when you see those people win a house and they go crazy, well that truck got my husband jumping up and down."

Inside The Bills | Gailey: rookies must have retention
"You try to see the effort that a guy gives. You want to see if a guy is a lazy guy or if he is a worker," said Gailey. "But you also try to figure out if a guy retains what you teach him. Can he hold own from day one to day two? Can he add on to what he learned on day one on day two? They’re talented guys or they wouldn’t be here to start with. So they’ve got talent. It’s a matter of trying to evaluate really work ethic and retention."

Polian picked for Bills' Wall of Fame - News - The Buffalo News
"I think it's fantastic that the Wall of Fame Committee has recognized the importance of his role with that historic time in our franchise's history," Wilson said. "His tremendous ability to bring to our team so many outstanding players was the perfect complement to Marv Levy's superb coaching talents. When you see the names on the Wall of Fame -- Kelly, Thomas, Hull, Smith, Reed and so many others -- it just seems appropriate that Bill's name is included."

Ex-Bill earns college degree - The Buffalo News
"Former Buffalo Bills linebacker Andra Davis is among some 3,000 students who received undergraduate degrees Saturday at UNLV."

WGR 550 - Polian Going Up On The Wall
"Polian worked as general manager for the team from 1986 to 1993. In that time he took a team coming off back to back 2-14 seasons and transformed them into four time AFC champions."

Buffalo Bills to add Bill Polian to Wall of Fame | Democrat and Chronicle
"The idea I could be in the same breath with Hall of Famers and guys who really did so much to elevate this franchise, on one hand it’s unbelievable and on the other I’m so proud to be blessed to have been part of that group," Polian said. "It’s a family."

Walker's weekend mailbag - AFC East Blog - ESPN
James Walker tries to determine who the No. 2 WR will be in Buffalo, and discusses the effect of Fred Jackson's contract on C.J. Spiller's psyche.

AFC East Poll: Second-best QB group? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
After any group that includes Tom Brady, which AFC East QB roster is better? Almost half of voters say the Bills' QBs are tops.

Chan Gailey Is Impressed With Vince Young - SB Nation Dallas
"I don't think having a strong arm and possessing mobility inside and outside of the pocket have ever been Young's shortcomings. Young will have to work on better mentally preparing himself for NFL games as well as his accuracy as a passer if he wants to succeed in the NFL and eventually battle for a starting job. "

NFL backup Young yet to locate that lost glory | Star-Telegram
"I've had some ups and downs," Young said. "At the same time, I've definitely learned from everything. I love football, and I love playing on Sunday. It's an opportunity, and I'm glad to have another opportunity to play again."

Glenn, Graham add Size and Speed to Bills Offense |
"Sometimes I'm tired so sometimes I might not be the fastest guy," Graham joked to the media after his first practice at the Bills rookie camp.

Brooks Knows Patience and Opportunity |
Brooks told the media after Saturday's rookie camp session "You would think that not playing would make you want to change schools but for me it was a fight. I wanted to be the best at what I did and at LSU we're known for having great defensive backs so I knew I had to come out there and work. Those guys pushed me to the point where I'm at now."