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The Buffalo Bills And The 2006 NFL Draft

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When the Buffalo Bills signed free agent quarterback Vince Young last week, it was immediately noted that in doing so, the Bills had acquired two of the top three picks in the 2006 NFL Draft: Young (No. 3) and defensive end Mario Williams (No. 1). That was particularly noteworthy on its own, and made more so by the fact that just one of the Bills' nine draft picks that season - fifth-round defensive tackle Kyle Williams - is still with the team.

Here's something you may not have known - Young was actually the fifth player from the 2006 draft class that the Bills have signed in the last year, and will be one of 11 players from that class that will have gotten a look from the organization.

Joining Mario Williams and Young on the team from that year are wide receiver Derek Hagan (a third-round pick of Miami), quarterback-slash-receiver Brad Smith (a fourth-round pick of the Jets), Kyle Williams, and defensive end Mark Anderson (a fifth-round pick of Chicago).

Over the years, the Bills have also had six more players from that draft class on their roster, though none stuck for long: wide receiver Chad Jackson (a second-round pick), tight end Joe Klopfenstein (a second-round pick), tackle Jonathan Scott (a fifth-round pick), center Marvin Philip (a sixth-round pick), tight end Tim Massaquoi (a seventh-round pick) and running back Quinton Ganther (a seventh-round pick).

Meanwhile, leaving out Kyle Williams, the remainder of the Bills' draft picks have moved on. Donte Whitner, a safety, is now with San Francisco, while defensive tackle John McCargo and cornerback Ashton Youboty are hanging on the fringe of the league with Chicago and Jacksonville, respectively. Five more picks are out of the league: safety Ko Simpson, linebacker Keith Ellison, tackle Terrance Pennington and guard Aaron Merz are long gone, while tackle Brad Butler retired prior to the 2010 season to pursue a political career.