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Buffalo Bills' Chan Gailey Has Work Cut Out For Him At RB

Rick Stewart

When Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson was setting the NFL ablaze at the start of the 2011 regular season, 2010 No. 9 overall pick C.J. Spiller was generally riding the pine, and whispers about his potentially being a draft-day "bust" were gaining steam. When Jackson landed on IR and Spiller got his most extensive playing time as a pro, he very nearly filled the stat sheet as capably as Jackson did (comparison after the jump):

Per-Game Average Comparison
Player Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD
Fred Jackson 18 102 5.6 0.67 4 44 11.0 0.00
C.J. Spiller 14 74 5.3 0.67 4 31 7.75 0.33

The problem, however, is that Chan Gailey's offense has not been able to support two running backs at the same time. (If you missed that read from way back in January, or just need a refresher, make sure you click that link.) Which is, of course, a potentially major problem, given that the Bills have two feature backs on the roster.

Other than the obvious items - like getting more consistent play out of Ryan Fitzpatrick, ensuring that Dave Wannstedt and the shiny new pass rushers do in fact fix the defense, and trying to stay healthy for once - is there anything more important for Gailey to accomplish this year, in your mind, than finding ways to make Jackson and Spiller productive at the same time? Or, on the flip side, is it important at all, given how successful the offense was at times last year with only one runner rolling? Discuss!