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A Couple Tidbits To Tide Us Over

With Brian off attending to something that he refers to as a 'personal life' and the venerable MRW occupied as well, I thought I'd call attention to a couple of things I saw over the past two days. The first two items are from Chris Brown's blog at, one of the - to me - more interesting features on the Bills' official site.

Nix has had all kinds of things to say about the draft. He's said that he doesn't like to trade up due to the loss of draft picks. He's also said that he'd consider trading up for the right player--and did so in the most recent draft after failing to move back into the first round in the 2010 draft. He's said that he doesn't like to trade down since there's generally someone on the board the team wants, and that trading down means possibly losing that player. We haven't seen Buffalo trade down (or heard any rumors of a potential deal in 3 drafts), but Nix has talked about dropping down in the draft to acquire more selections.

Nix has also said that he's a professional liar when it comes to the draft and now we have a quote to back it up. In referring to Buffalo's desire to land offensive lineman Cordy Glenn in the draft, he had this to say:

"Hell no he’s not a guard," said Bills GM Buddy Nix of Glenn. "He started 50 games and the last 16 were at left tackle. We put it out there and tried to spread the rumor that he was a guard to hope somebody wouldn’t take him."

We all knew that teams would sometimes generate false rumors about guys they hoped to draft or play up negative angles to start a player to slide. Less clear is how the players themselves might feel about these tactics. It doesn't matter as much now that the rookie wage scale is in effect but Glenn might not be thrilled with the idea that the team he's playing for may have intentionally hurt his draft stock. Given that rookies now look to the second contract to make their fortunes it might not be a big deal. Then again, for certain players, it might be. Should Nix have kept this little nugget to himself?

I include this one only for the sheer hilarity of the wording. This was clearly not one of Chris Brown's better efforts:

BDC 5/4: O-line to be toasted

The story, of course, doesn't relate to Buffalo's offensive line being beaten like a rented mule by opposing defensive lines. Buf, just for a minute, the mental image of Cordy "Hell no he's not a guard" Glenn being taken to school by someone like Dwight Freeney flashed through my mind. (I do suffer from a deplorable excess of imagination.)

Bills fans developed an weird fascination with Michael Jasper during training camp last year. PFT is reporting that the Bills might be looking to address the tight end position after ignoring it in the draft in the form of Dorin Dickerson. He's blazing fast for a 225ish pound man (flat 4.4 at the 2010 combine) and can certainly outjump most DBs (42 inch vertical). It would be good to keep in mind, however, that he's had exactly zero receptions to this point in his career. Still, we as fans do tend to get worked up over athletic freaks in the dull days of summer.