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Buffalo Bills' Brad Smith Back Practicing At Wide Receiver

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A lot has been made recently about the fact that Buffalo Bills "slash" player (for lack of a better term) Brad Smith has been practicing exclusively at quarterback to this point in the off-season process. That little experiment, however, has apparently (yet perhaps temporarily) come to an end.

Chris Brown at reports that in the last two days of OTAs, Smith has been practicing at wide receiver, leaving the quarterbacking reps to Ryan Fitzpatrick, Vince Young and a just-returned-to-full-health Tyler Thigpen.

Bills head coach Chan Gailey also told reporters on Friday afternoon that while it hasn't happened yet, the team will spend time installing a Wildcat package that will obviously prominently feature Smith. That could happen as soon as during next week's mandatory mini-camp, but the coaches may also just wait for training camp, as well.

It's getting to the point with Smith that following the positions at which he lines up during practice is an exercise in futility. We know what he's going to be: the Wildcat operator. We know that the team likes him to get practice time in with the quarterbacks and with the receivers, as he practiced with both positions last season, as well. Smith's role may be so specific - and so infrequently practiced - that the team flip-flops him between several positions at practice just to keep him up to speed in several different facets of the game.

Smith, who was a starting receiver for a brief stint with the Bills last year after injuries depleted the team's depth, caught 23 passes for 240 yards and a touchdown in 2011. He also carried the ball 20 times for 87 yards and a score as the Wildcat quarterback before switching to receiver full-time later in the year.