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NFL Schedule Tweak Will Affect One Buffalo Bills Game

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On Thursday, the NFL announced that all FOX and CBS double-header games originally scheduled for 4:15 kickoff times will be pushed back to 4:25 starts. The league is doing this in the hopes that it will dramatically reduce the number of instances in which the endings of early games overlap with kickoffs in other cities.

As it pertains to the 2012 Buffalo Bills - who, in playing the NFC West this year, will be out on the left coast a bit more than normal - only one game is getting bumped to the later time. That will come in Week 5 (Sunday, October 7), when the Bills play the San Francisco 49ers as the second leg in a CBS double-header. That game will now kick off at 4:25 ET.

The team's other two late starts (not including a Thursday night game against Miami) are both 4:05 kickoffs (in Arizona and in Toronto against Seattle), and are unaffected by this scheduling tweak.