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Discussion: Your Favorite Buffalo Bills (Or Sports) Highlight

Our friends over at Samsung are curious to know what your favorite sports highlight ever is. Mine is above; I'll explain why after the jump, and you're welcome to add your favorite highlight (pertaining to the Buffalo Bills or otherwise) in the comments section.

"Losman will throw on first down. Firing down the field... dangerous... OH! CAUGHT! EVANS! TOUCHDOWN, BUFFALO! NO FLAGS! UN! BELIEVABLE! 85 YARDS! J.P. LOSMAN THROWS A STRIKE!"

Those are the immortal words of the immortal Gus Johnson, who had the distinct displeasure of calling a non-classic in which the Bills scored 10 fourth-quarter points to beat the New York Jets by a final of 13-3 in 2007.

This was a football game when J.P. Losman spelled an injured Trent Edwards in the fourth quarter. After watching Edwards and two more Jets quarterbacks throw for a combined 303 yards on 53 attempts in a 6-3 stink-fest, Losman entered the game and helped the Bills - destined for a 7-9 finish - put the eventual 4-12 Jets away. He did so largely with the play above.

In a situation in which the Dick Jauron-led Bills would have simply tried to milk clock (and likely failed, and likely lost in the last minute to a better team), Losman and the Bills instead went for the jugular. It should have backfired. Losman threw a deep pass to Evans that wasn't as deep as it should have been, letting Darrelle Revis get his hands on the ball. It's quite possible that the star cornerback would've had an interception had safety Abram Elam not separated Revis from the ball with an ill-timed (yet somehow perfect for the circumstance) hit.

Yet to Gus Johnson, Losman's throw was perfect, the touchdown was as epic as, say, Isaiah Thomas' cold-blooded game-winner in the 2011 Pac-10 tournament, and the best team in the league - Buffalo - had just beaten their only true challengers for that title.

This is, without a doubt, my favorite sports highlight ever. It has Gus Johnson. It contains a hilarious moment of random, cathartic excitement in the prototypical Bills season of the last decade. There are better highlights of better Bills teams, greater moments and incredible plays, but this Bills highlight always makes me laugh the hardest.

(The Thomas video linked above, by the way, is my all-time favorite highlight from any sport.) What's your favorite sports highlight of all-time, folks?