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Buffalo Bills HC Chan Gailey Approval Poll: June 2012

Buffalo Bills fans state their pleasure (or lack thereof) with head coach Chan Gailey.

Rick Stewart - Getty Images

At the start of every month, we're going to poll the readers of Buffalo Rumblings on their state of mind regarding the chief decision-makers of the Buffalo Bills. This is your poll to state your pleasure, or lack thereof, with head coach Chan Gailey. Here are some stories Gailey has been heavily involved with over the last month.

  • Four "outside" receivers (Donald Jones, Derek Hagan, Marcus Easley and T.J. Graham) are getting first-team reps at OTAs with Stevie Johnson sidelined until July.
  • Three cornerbacks (Stephon Gilmore, Leodis McKelvin and Aaron Williams) are getting first-team reps with Terrence McGee limited by his rehab.
  • Colin Brown is getting first-team reps at center in place of the rehabbing Eric Wood.
  • Spencer Johnson is still getting reps at defensive end despite the team's switch back to a 4-3 defense under Dave Wannstedt.
  • Reportedly helped the Bills put Vince Young through the unusual free agent courting process of having him talk through designed plays on a white board. (He hasn't yet told Young about any Wildcat plans he may or may not have for the new quarterback, either.)

Previous Five Approval Polls
55% approval January 2012 (24% disapproval; 2,041 votes)
78% approval February 2012 (8% disapproval; 1,979 votes)
78% approval March 2012 (7% disapproval; 2,185 votes)
88% approval April 2012 (2% disapproval; 1,835 votes)
88% approval May 2012 (1% disapproval; 2,769 votes)