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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 7/12

PITTSFORD, NY - AUGUST 08: Nick Barnett #50  of the Buffalo Bills readies for a play during Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher College on August 8, 2011 in Pittsford, New York.  (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
PITTSFORD, NY - AUGUST 08: Nick Barnett #50 of the Buffalo Bills readies for a play during Buffalo Bills Training Camp at St. John Fisher College on August 8, 2011 in Pittsford, New York. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)
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#13 - How many receivers will be kept on the roster?
"So it looks as though it might take a lot of convincing on the part of the receiving corps both on the practice field and in the preseason that more than five wideouts should stick." That's in addition to Brad Smith.

Injury, release motivated Barnett to prove self with Bills | Packersnews
"I was disappointed in the fact that I was released," Barnett said. "I definitely wanted to go out and show them as well as show myself and anybody else who doubted me that I’m still who I am. I’m still here to play football. I still love to play the game. I’m still going to run to the ball, make plays and have fun."

Under Review: John Potter -
"On this edition of Under Review, Hannah Buehler talks with Bills rookie kicker John Potter about his experience in Buffalo thus far."

Tickets Now On Sale for Bills-Seahawks in Toronto -
"Rogers Media today announced tickets are now on sale – and more affordable than ever – for the Buffalo Bills game at Rogers Centre, as they lead the charge back to Toronto to take on the Seattle Seahawks on December 16."

Inside The Bills | Other Pro Bowl possibles
"As we took a precursory look at prime Bills candidates for the Pro Bowl for the 2012 season we had to whittle down the list to just a handful. Here are a few others on Buffalo’s roster that could merit Pro Bowl consideration with strong seasons."

Inside The Bills | Fred a frequent route runner
"Jackson cracked the top 10 of Pro Football Focus’ measure of backs that ran the most routes over the past three seasons. Here’s their rankings list with how many routes each back has run since the 2009 season."

Total menu of Bills in Toronto tickets announced - The Buffalo News
"This is a significant step in the right direction to help us reengage with our fans who attend our games at Rogers Centre," Mary Owen, the Buffalo Bills' executive vice president of strategic planning, said in the release.

NFL in Los Angeles: Bills out of the mix? - The Buffalo News
"But what he wrote is in line with a growing confidence among insiders around these parts that one of our moneyed, sports-minded locals -- Terry Pegula, Tom Golisano, Bob Rich, whoever Jim Kelly's money men are, some combination of the above or whatever -- will emerge to purchase the Bills and make sure they don't leave Western New York."

Supplemental draft has produced little in AFC East - The Buffalo News
"Buffalo Bills 1989: fourth round, defensive tackle Brett Young (zero games). 1979: sixth round, running back Rod Stewart (zero games)."

Bills want more support in Toronto - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"The Buffalo Bills slashed ticket prices for their annual regular season game in Toronto, the team announced." Except the Bills don't control the ticket prices in Toronto, Mr. Walker.

Super Bowl blunder also a blessing for Leon Lett, Don Beebe - Chicago Sun-Times
"Twenty years later, the two principals of the Super Bowl XXVII play that ESPN fans once voted the No. 1 sports blunder in history were reunited Tuesday in Aurora to talk about The Play, one that became a defining moment in each man’s career."

Video: Is Buffalo Bills' Shawne Merriman a locker room slob? - USA Today
"Viewing the weight room, meeting rooms, indoor practice field et al. is nice, but the best part was seeing the messy locker (check out the embedded video) of pass rusher Shawne Merriman, Barnett's locker room neighbor." - Ranking the last-place teams heading into 2012
"With that in mind, here’s one man’s rankings of the last-place teams from 2011 in reverse order of likelihood to make the biggest improvements this season:" The Bills are the top team ready to improve.

Buffalo Bills Training Camp Battles, No. 7: Sixth Receiver - Buffalo Rumblings
"That's the case in Buffalo. While fans (justifiably) focus on a "starting" job up for grabs, the team also has a battle brewing for the sixth spot in the rotation - one that will help determine the shape of the back end of the team's roster."

How Many Bills Draft Picks Are Roster Locks? - Buffalo Rumblings
Brian Galliford thinks 11 of Buddy Nix's 24 draft picks will be fighting for their jobs this training camp.