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Poll: Which Buffalo Bills Cornerback Will Start?

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Almost from the moment he was drafted, it's been clear that Buffalo Bills rookie cornerback Stephon Gilmore will be in the starting lineup in his first professional game (assuming full health, of course). It's less clear, at this point, who will be joining him on the outside.

Two players - veteran Terrence McGee and second-year pro Aaron Williams - are the primary candidates to start. It's long been assumed that Williams, who ended his rookie season as a starter, would line up with Gilmore in a full-on youth movement. McGee, in the rare moments he was healthy in 2011, was a starter (and arguably the team's best corner), however.

Both will be on the field in nickel packages, of course, and as such, both will play a lot. A starting cornerback still sees about 20 percent more snaps than a nickel corner, however, so this particular race is significant. Assuming full health for both parties, do you expect McGee or Williams to open the season as a starter?