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One Last Look Back At The Buffalo Bills' Off-Season


Another very long NFL off-season is about 48 hours from concluding for Buffalo Bills fans, as the team will report to St. John Fisher College on Wednesday for the start of 2012 training camp.

I, for one, am glad to see the off-season reach its conclusion. I've also been baffled, however, by the number of fans that have emailed me asking for one final look back at what has, admittedly, been a very fun off-season for our favorite football team.

Why not? Things have really died down over the last couple of months, and there's nothing fundamentally wrong with fondly recalling exciting moments before we return to business as usual. After the jump, if you're so inclined, you can re-visit this community's reaction following the seven biggest events of the off-season. Then it'll be over, and we'll be all football all the time moving forward.

It's Official: Buffalo Bills, Stevie Johnson Agree To Five-Year Deal
"Snoopy Happy Dance!!!!" - BigBlkGr8Dane

Buffalo Bills Sign DE Mario Williams
"As a Jets fan, I'm terrified." - Caeden

Buffalo Bills, Mark Anderson Agree To Four-Year Deal
"What's this pass rush thingy?" - matthew62

2012 NFL Draft Results: Buffalo Bills Take CB Stephon Gilmore
"Paired with 2011 second-round pick Aaron Williams, the Bills appear to have their cornerbacks of the future after adding Gilmore."

2012 NFL Draft Results: Buffalo Bills Select OT Cordy Glenn
"CORDYYYYY!!!!! Wow wow wow!" - poz

Buffalo Bills, Fred Jackson Agree To Two-Year Contract Extension
"This feels good. So glad we could get him what he wants after being such a great player and a great Bill for the length of his career." - Dr. Brackish Okun

Buffalo Bills, Vince Young Agree To One-Year, $2 Million Deal
"Make no mistake about it, folks: Young's here as a backup. Please keep that in mind."