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What Buffalo Bills Comeback Do You Want To See?

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Zubaz pants are back.

If you're about my age or older, you remember the zebra-themed patterns the Zubaz company pumped out in the early '90s for each NFL team. The red, white, and blue Zubaz pattern for the Buffalo Bills could be found throughout Western New York and beyond during the heyday of the Bills' Super Bowl runs.

The company went bankrupt in 1996 after the huge demand for the product faded. The creators bought the trademark back from their investors, however, and waited for the right time to start reproducing the pants. In 2008, the duo of Bob Truax and Dan Stock began re-marketing the Zubaz pants 20 years after they first created the workout gear.

NFL-themed pants weren't available then, though, as an exclusive deal with Reebok prevented any NFL team logos to appear on clothing outside the Reebok brand. The league's contract with Reebok expired this off-season, and Buffalo-based company New Era snatched the rights to produce league-affiliated hats. New Era already had a contract in place with Zubaz to produce headgear for the other major sports leagues, so adding the NFL pattern was a snap.

Now you can get your own pair of new Zubaz pants for $40 at The Bills Store along with those snazzy New Era hats with the same pattern for $35.

This got me to thinking: what other comebacks might you want to see from the early 1990s? Try and get more specific than "yearly Super Bowl runs," and let's see what we can come up with.