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Another Bit Of Good News On Torell Troup's Injury

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Yesterday, we discussed a bit of good news regarding third-year Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Torell Troup. In speaking with reporters at the outset of training camp, GM Buddy Nix told reporters that Troup - coming off of back surgery that prematurely ended his 2011 season - was expected to practice without much limitation from the get-go in camp.

On Wednesday, head coach Chan Gailey clarified those remarks, naming Troup among a trio of players including cornerback Terrence McGee and center Eric Wood that would likely practice without limitation. All three players are not, however, expected to practice every day.

"I think we will be smart with all three of them," Gailey told reporters. "Troup is probably the furthest along at this point of all three. But I thought all three of those guys looked good out here to start with."

McGee and Wood, by and large, have been players generally regarded as healthy enough for Bills fans that they haven't spent a lot of time worrying about their availability not just in camp, but for the regular season. That has not been the case for Troup, so it's encouraging to hear Gailey say that Troup is further along in his recovery than the other two players. (Or, perhaps it's the inverse, and we should be a bit more concerned about Wood and McGee. I'm choosing the optimistic road.)

The Bills' first training camp practice takes place this afternoon at St. John Fisher College. From the sounds of it, all three of these players will be participating.