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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 7/6

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#19 - Who will start at left tackle? -
"Cordy (Glenn) and Chris (Hairston) will be working at left tackle," Gailey aid. "I don’t know who will win that job."

Does Stevie Johnson really have a drop problem? - The Buffalo News
"But Johnson, No. 17 on my AFC East player rankings, reduced his drops considerably last season. He had only five drops and just one game with two drops (Week 2 against the Oakland Raiders). Forty-one receivers had more drops than Johnson did."

Wood more patient on second road to recovery - The Buffalo News
"It definitely prepared me for this time around and helped me be more patient," Wood said of his first rehab. "I remember coming back from the leg break, I did do the minicamp for those three days just because I was dying to be back out there. This time around I’m more patient and realizing Sept. 9 [the season opener against the New York Jets] is what matters."

Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith to appear at fantasy football convention - The Buffalo News
"Two of the all-time great Bills are involved with one such venture, as Jim Kelly and Bruce Smith will be in Atlantic City on Aug. 18 and 19 for the inaugural Fantasy Football Festival."

Seahawks, Steelers Top The List Of NFL's Best Safeties -
"4. Buffalo Bills: I bought the hype with this team, admittedly. Adding some muscle up front is going to make this secondary even better. Jairus Byrd has the makings of a superstar and a knack for being around the ball."

Bighaus: Edwards looking to help Bills have big year - Billings Gazette
"Edwards, who started in 13 games last year — mostly at end — for the 6-10 Bills, is currently listed as a backup at tackle in Buffalo’s three-deep, defensive line rotation, which has been fortified over the offseason with some headline-making, free-agent signings."

Buffalo Bill C.J. Spiller coming to Tifton - Tifton Gazette
"I want to talk with the youth about getting an education and staying with the right people and being in the right situations," said Spiller in an interview with The Gazette. "I just want to tell my story to them. I want to be real with them, that’s important with young kids, you have to be the real you."

Jets summer Q&A with cornerback Ellis Lankster |
"Today's installment of the summer Q&A series is with cornerback Ellis Lankster, who spent the spring working ... as the No. 4 cornerback. Originally a seventh-round pick by the Bills in 2009, Lankster signed a future contract with the Jets in January 2011 and was brought back midseason. Lankster played in seven games last year and is working hard to play a bigger role in 2012."

The Ouachita Citizen: Buffalo's Steve Tasker Special Teams Legend
Although I am unsure why a newspaper in northern Louisiana would print this tidy retrospective of Steve Tasker's career, they have done it nonetheless.

Buffalo News calls on Bills to "implement" new blackout rule | ProFootballTalk
"The details won’t matter. So what if the home team has to pick its percentage before the season begins? Who cares if the home team loses 16 cents on the dollar for every ticket sold above the selected minimum? And why fret if the home team guesses wrong the other way, leaving seats still unsold for one or more games and forcing the teams to buy them at 34 cents on the dollar?"

Bills’ Eric Wood says last year’s torn ACL won’t affect him this year | ProFootballTalk
"I’ve done full speed running and full speed drills on my own, so when I do get going, it won’t be like I’m out there working at 80 percent, hopefully I’ll be working at 100 percent," he said.

Unsigned draft picks as of July 5 | ProFootballTalk
T.J. Graham is just one of a bunch of unsigned draft picks, many from the third round.

Doug Flutie still flustered by discrimination against short QBs -
"Doug Flutie says the NFL is biased against short QBs, and he doesn't understand why. The ex-Pro Bowl pick hopes rookies Russell Wilson and Kellen Moore get a fair shake, Ian Rapoport writes.'

How the East Was Won, Part 1: Drowning the Dolphins | Bills Mafia
"It’s not often that we will hear "How are you going to beat the Dolphins?" But let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute or two and admit that we lost to the Dolphins not once, but twice last year! That being said, how do we avoid this embarrassment in the 2012 season?"

NFL Videos: Which team will underachieve in 2012?
"Steve Wyche and Mark Kriegel of "NFL AM" debate a number of hot button topics including who will be a sleepers team in 2012 and which squad will fall short in the upcoming season." The Bills are a sleeper pick.

Kount It!: Thurman Thomas, LT, and Marshall Faulk | Bills Mafia
"From my (admittedly biased) standpoint, I would submit that Thomas is the 2nd most versatile RB behind Faulk, and not LT. While LT’s prodigious rushing numbers were (and are) impressive as all get-out, Thomas’ were not that far behind, and adding to the case for versatility, he played a far larger role in the Bills passing game than LT did in the Chargers’ air attack."

More Evidence Fred Jackson is Awesome - BuffaLowDown
"Oh, and the league’s second-worst running back during the past three years? Freaking Tashard Choice. Choice had forced both the fewest missed tackles (18), and had the lowest yards after contact average (1.5) in the study. Can we please cut this guy ASAP?"

#20: What if Joe Ferguson wasn't hurt during the 1980 Divisional game? | Buffalo Wins
The Bills probably win the Super Bowl, according to Joe.

Buffalo Should Consider Running a No-Huddle Offense in 2012 - Buffalo Rumblings FanPosts
"The no-huddle presents a strong opportunity for the Buffalo offense to craft a unique identity and make good use of their talented, versatile players. Ryan Fitzpatrick can maximize his strongest points by directing the flow of an offense that keeps defenders on their heels. If Chan Gailey wants to burst onto the scene this year, running a no-huddle offense and a savage attacking defense would be a fantastic way to tell the world that Buffalo is back!"

Now I'm Finding Truth Is A Ruin - Buffalo Rumblings FanPosts
"So how did Ryan Fitzpatrick do under pressure for the 2011 NFL season? According to Pro Football Focus he was o.k. to mediocre to bad. Not all that surprising depending on what you're looking at as we all know he's a streaky gunslinger. So let's take a look at some stats that PFF threw together."

Buffalo Bills Led NFL In Three, Four-Receiver Sets In 2011 - Buffalo Rumblings
"Per the gang at PFF, the Bills used personnel packages containing three receivers on a whopping 77 percent of their offensive plays last season - and they came in 14 percent higher than the Indianapolis Colts, who were terrible, threw a lot as a result, and wound up with the first pick in the draft. Mike Clay also reports that the Bills used packages with four receivers on 32 percent of their plays - doubling the next-highest team, the Chicago Bears."