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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 7/9

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16 - Who is the most indispensable player on defense? -
"Here are the candidates on defense that the Bills can least afford to lose."

AFC East's best: No. 15 Jairus Byrd - The Buffalo News
"Buffalo Bills safety Jairus Byrd is the AFC East's best all-around safety. He made his initial mark as a ball hawk but has evolved into a fine tackler and run defender, too."

Inside The Bills | AFC East record must improve
"Here is a list of Buffalo’s division records by year back to their last playoff season. In parentheses is their final overall record that season."

Bills Focus: Kelvin Sheppard 1-on-1 Interview -
"Chris Brown sits down with the Bills middle linebacker to talk about being in the middle of the new defense, why being good isn't good enough, and what Nick Barnett has meant to him."

Ray Lewis as a Steeler? Nobody could see it -
"So with that in mind, we turned to Twitter on #talkaboutit Friday and asked you to select one NFL legend and a 'no way' team for him to finish with, similar to Nash and the Los Angeles Lakers." How about Thurman Thomas to the Dolphins?

LaDainian Tomlinson pays a visit; Peterson promises the truth -
"Happy birthday to Buffalo Bills Hall of Famer O.J. Simpson, who turns 65 on Monday."

NFL Mt. Rushmore-Buffalo Bills - Draft Board Insider
Jim Kelly, Bruce Smith, O.J. Simpson and Thurman Thomas go on the big rock.

Queen City Sports – Will T.J. Graham Contribute In His Rookie Season?
"He’s been called a better version of Roscoe Parrish, but does that mean T.J. Graham will be a play maker for the Buffalo Bills in 2012?"

Is Ryan Fitzpatrick The Final Answer? | Buffalo Bills Draft
"This article though is not just intended to scare people about the 2012 season or to lower expectations. In the end everything could be fine and Fitz could show that he is in the end the franchise QB we all want him to be…however if he isn’t here are the top five QB’s to watch for 2012 and what games to watch them in:"

2012 NFL Preview: Buffalo Bills - 12th Man Rising
A preview of the 2012 Bills.

Buffalo Bills: Rookie Starters in 2012 | Football Nation
"Here, then, is a look at three rookies and the veterans they are trying to supplant in Buffalo come September, for as there's no drama or news currently coming out of Western New York, we'll just have to create some."

Could Shawne Merriman Play Linebacker For The Buffalo Bills? - Buffalo Rumblings
"But if Merriman continues on his current path he’ll be able to handle a full-time role instead of a part-time one... Then and only then might an expanded role as a strong side linebacker even be considered, but it’s certainly a role he could handle when fully healthy."