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Buffalo Bills at Minnesota Vikings GameThread: Live Discussion

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Things could have gone better for the Buffalo Bills in their pre-season opening loss to Washington at Ralph Wilson Stadium last week. The first-team offense was sloppy and the team as a whole was sloppier, committing 14 penalties on the evening. Sure, the defense was solid enough and the special teams units were borderline awesome, but on the whole, it was not a pretty sight to see last Thursday.

Thankfully, the games don't count yet, and the Bills have three more opportunities to work out the proverbial kinks before they take on the New York Jets in Week 1 on September 9. The first of those three opportunities comes tonight, when they kick off against the Minnesota Vikings in each team's second pre-season game.

This is your open thread for tonight's festivities, Bills fans. Can the first-team offense run more than two formations and run the ball once or twice, perchance? Will the first-team defensive line look more disruptive? Has any separation occurred at the team's various position battles? We'll find out in short order. Go Bills!