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Buffalo Bills vs. Washington Redskins: What To Watch For


Every Buffalo Bills fan is likely going into tonight's pre-season opener against the Washington Redskins with a few select list items to pay close attention to. We're curious to know what everyone is anxious to see tonight in the comments section; here are the five items on my priority list for this evening.

Two backup quarterbacks. Things have not gone well here in training camp. It's likely that Tyler Thigpen and Vince Young will split up at least three quarters' worth of tonight's game. Hopefully, something will give and one of these veteran backup options will give Bills fans a bit of confidence that dreams won't shatter if Ryan Fitzpatrick gets hurt.

Two key projected starters. The last two second-round picks made by the team, cornerback Aaron Williams and left tackle Cordy Glenn, are projected starters - but neither has exactly been the subject of glowing reviews in camp thus far. Williams, in particular, has taken his lumps. It's time to see how both of these young players fare against live opponents.

Three specific wide receivers. At various points in time, there's been a lot of buzz surrounding Derek Hagan, T.J. Graham and Marcus Easley since camp began. Some or all of them will work with the ones tonight, and all of them are certain to see time with the twos (and perhaps even threes), as well. Graham, in particular, will be worth watching.

Three specific defensive linemen. I'm quite certain that there are other defensive linemen that will be the subjects of more intense scrutiny tonight. That said, the three linemen I'm most interested to see are Alex Carrington, Kellen Heard and Kyle Moore. Can any of these young prospects unseat established veterans ahead of them?

Two young kickers. Brian Moorman has distanced himself from undrafted rookie Shawn Powell a bit in camp, but I'm still interested to see how Powell performs. I'm far more interested in John Potter, however. If he could somehow kick a football into Curiosity's photos from Mars, or just make a football explode tonight, I'll probably feel better about the idea of keeping a kickoff specialist.