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Jets 48, Bills 28: Post-Game Comments From Coaches, Players

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The Buffalo Bills got trounced on Sunday. That much is clear. The score didn't reflect hos lopsided the game was. Even with the ineptitude on display against the New York Jets, the Bills and head coach Chan Gailey aren't about to give up on the rest of the season because of one game.

"This is a cliché and I understand it. It is one of sixteen and if you win enough, you get in the playoffs," said Gailey after the game. "This was a learning experience and if you don’t (learn), then it was the start of something bad. That is the bottom line."

"I understand that. I think our football team understands that, but we are not going to go around like the sky is falling. We are not going to do that," Gailey continued. "I am not going to do that and I am not going to let them do that. We didn’t show it today. There were some things that we did better, but overall we didn’t show it today, but I think we have a chance to be a good football team before it is over with and nobody will change my mind until we get to the end."

The lone bright spot of the day was running back C.J. Spiller, who busted off a 56-yard touchdown jaunt en route to 169 yards on just 14 carries. His 12.1 yards per attempt was second-highest in team history. Still, he was disappointed following the game.

"I mean of course it was disappointing whenever you lose a game, especially a division game," said Spiller. "We’re a much better football team than what we displayed today."

Spiller believes that by fixing the turnovers, the Bills can turn their season around. The running back was assessed a questionable fumble call on a pass reception near the end of the first half.

"Just the turnovers, the big one that I had with the pass. That was huge," Spiller said. "We could have probably gotten some points out of that. I think if we just clean that up, I think we’ll be fine."

Like his head coach, Spiller isn't giving up on the season just yet.

"The main thing I told the guys that I kept preaching on the sideline is that we can’t let this one loss define our season," he said. "Of course we wanted to win, but we didn’t. We can’t let this one loss define our season. We just have to correct the mistakes and get back to work and get ready for Kansas City. Of course, it hurts. The guys in the locker room, everybody’s hurt because we wanted to win it, but we can’t do anything about it now."

Ryan Fitzpatrick had three interceptions on the day. He led the league in that detrimental category a year ago. His play will need to be better if the Bills are to accomplish any of their lofty goals this year. He took responsibility for the loss during his post-game comments.

"I can’t turn the ball over three times and have us expect to dig ourselves out and win," said Fitzpatrick. "That’s what happened today. It’s unacceptable. It’s embarrassing and unfortunately it happened in the first game."

"We made too many mistakes to win a game like that," said Gailey. "You can’t make mistakes and win games like that. I told them to not feel sorry for themselves and not to mope around. I am not going to tolerate that and I am not going to allow that. We are going to be where we need to be, I fully believe that."

Under Gailey, the Bills have generally allowed themselves 24 hours following a loss to dissect the mistakes before moving on. He doesn't give the sense that will be changing anytime soon.

"I don’t think the sky is falling," Gailey concluded. "Everybody is going to say that. You (the media) are going to say that, the fans are going to say that, I understand that. That is your job to say something like that, but I don’t believe it in a million years."