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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast: Jets Review, Chiefs Preview

In the second-ever Buffalo Rumblings Podcast episode, Brian Galliford and Brendan Harrington break down the team's Week 1 loss to the Jets and talk a bit about their next opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Rich Schultz - Getty Images

Last night, Brendan Harrington and I sat down and hashed out the travesty that was the Buffalo Bills' Week 1 performance against the New York Jets in the second episode of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast. We hand out "game balls," discuss all of the pertinent talking points from Ryan Fitzpatrick to the pass defense and everything in between, and touch briefly on next week's opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Next week, you can expect plenty of community interaction, as we'll be asking y'all to debate the game balls and submit your questions to be answered on the podcast. (This week, though? I got to hear "SERGEANT MAJOR THOR" spoken aloud for the first time, and it was as glorious as the username itself.) You can expect that post Monday morning, and we plan to feature you guys heavily. In the meantime, if you're looking to put a bow on the Jets loss and move on, this podcast is for you.