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Buffalo Bills' Marcell Dareus Returns To Practice


Simeon Gilmore, the younger brother of Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus, was murdered this past weekend. Dareus took a leave of absence from the team to attend to family matters, missing practice on Wednesday as a result, and possibly more than that. (The team had the day off on Tuesday, but typically spends Monday getting treatments, watching film and having meetings.)

Today is Thursday. Dareus is back on the practice field this afternoon. In the end, all Dareus appears to have missed is one practice and perhaps some film study of Buffalo's next opponent, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Bills fans had a strong affinity for Marcell Dareus, anyway - and from the moment he was drafted, no less. It's fair to assume, I believe, that said affinity has strengthened considerably over the last few days. Here's hoping Dareus gets a warm reception and a handful of sacks this weekend at Ralph Wilson Stadium.