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Bills 21, Chiefs 0 At Halftime: Buffalo's Defense Stepping Up

Kevin Hoffman-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The Buffalo Bills have done much better this week than in the first half a week ago. The Bills were down 27-7 a week ago but today they lead the Kansas City Chiefs 21-0 at halftime. C.J. Spiller is following up a career game with another breakout performance, generating 139 yards of total offense and two touchdowns.

The Chiefs threatened only once, but Peyton Hillis fumbled the ball into the end zone late in the quarter and the Bills recovered, allowing them to kneel out the remaining time. George Wilson has been taken to the locker room with a head injury. He was rotating at strong safety with Da'Norris Searcy who will continue in the second half.

This is your second half thread. The Bills get the ball to start the third quarter. It would certainly be nice to see them take an opponent and turn the dagger.