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Bills 24, Browns 14: Interesting Play Time Percentages

Care to take a guess at which Buffalo Bills cornerback (aside from Stephon Gilmore) saw the most playing time in Week 3? The answer may surprise you.

Jason Miller - Getty Images

During the Buffalo Bills' 24-14 win over the Cleveland Browns yesterday, two Bills defenders played every snap of the victory: linebacker Nick Barnett and rookie cornerback Stephon Gilmore. Beyond both players at the two positions, things got quite diluted in terms of spreading reps between players.

The only other linebacker that saw more than 50 percent of the snaps was Bryan Scott (56 percent). The two run-down package linebackers, Kelvin Sheppard and Arthur Moats, each only played 33 percent of the defensive snaps. Clearly, Barnett is the man at linebacker. At this position, however, a lot of the percentages are predicated on specific defensive packages.

Surprisingly, the cornerback that played the most behind Gilmore was Justin Rogers, who was only in on 67 percent of the plays himself. Aaron Williams (65 percent) saw a lot of playing time, with Terrence McGee (33 percent) and even Leodis McKelvin (13 percent) getting mixed in. Buffalo has continued to rotate players in and out of the lineup in the defensive backfield, and this week, Rogers was the beneficiary.