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Buffalo Bills' Buddy Nix On Shawn Powell: "The Upside's Really Good"

In speaking with reporters after Tuesday's release of veteran punter Brian Moorman, Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix spoke glowingly about Moorman's replacement, rookie Shawn Powell.

"The upside's really good on this guy," Nix said. "He's a big man - which I think that helps punters - good height, and he's a 240-pounder. Got a very strong leg, tremendous hang time; I mean, the guy's Florida State's all-time leading punter."

Nix even disclosed that Powell was a player that the team considered spending a pick on in last April's 2012 NFL Draft.

"We really liked him," Nix said. "In fact, we even considered drafting him late last year. The upside's really good on the guy."

Clearly, the Bills believe they've made a move for the long-term betterment of the club by bringing Powell back and releasing Moorman, who had been in decline for a few seasons. We can only imagine, however, what Bills fans might have thought had the Bills drafted a kickoff specialist and a punter this past spring.