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Buffalo Rumblings Podcast: Bills/Browns Review, Patriots Preview

In the latest edition of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast, Brendan Harrington and Brian Galliford break down the Bills' 24-14 win over the Browns and look forward to Week 4 and New England.

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Last night, Brendan Harrington and I sat down to record the latest edition of the Buffalo Rumblings Podcast (full archive); it was a particularly happy occasion for me, as I was able to discuss a Buffalo Bills win with Brendan for the first time this year.

In the podcast, we used input from the Rumblings community to define a turning point in the game and hand out offensive and defensive game balls. We also chatted about specifics of the win, and we looked ahead a bit to this weekend's major division matchup against the New England Patriots. It was an enjoyable hour as we happily rode the high of two straight Bills wins.

As always, we welcome feedback on the podcast - so if there's something you're interested in hearing or you have a suggestion or criticism to make, let's hear it. This week's edition is embedded below, can be downloaded here or streamed here, and is also available on iTunes (search "Buffalo Rumblings").

Also, fair warning: there is one NSFW word that Brendan uttered towards the end (beware when he starts talking about Jets fans, as if you had to guess the topic); he offered to bleep himself out on the edit, but I found it too humorous to allow him to do so. If you're streaming at work, watch yourself. Enjoy!