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Buffalo Bills Lease: "Excellent Dialogue" Between State And Team

Buffalo Bills CEO Russ Brandon was asked if there were any new developments with regards to getting a new stadium lease. Speaking on WGR 550 in Buffalo, Brandon expressed optimism and spoke about a dialogue with state representatives.

"It has been positive," said Brandon Wednesday morning. "We’ve have great dialogue with the governor and lieutenant governor [Bob] Duffy, who I’ve known for close to 20 years when he was the police chief of Rochester and then the mayor. We’ve had some excellent dialogue and I anticipate the pace will quicken over the next few months and look forward to sitting down and starting the discussions and resetting the calendar."

Absent from Brandon's comments were any mention of Erie County or their leadership. He expects the three sides to get together soon.

"I feel very good about where the future of this is going to take us."