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Buffalo Bills' Fred Jackson Dealing With Knee Soreness, Swelling

Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson told reporters before practice on Thursday that his knee was sore and swollen following his return to practice on Wednesday.

"I was a little sore this morning," Jackson said (via "It was a little swollen. I got in the training room and they did what they could."

Jackson still plans on practicing this afternoon. He did so in a limited capacity on Wednesday, and will very likely remain limited today if his knee can continue to allow him to get through practice.

"I still want to play and still want to get out there," Jackson continued. "Again, I’ve got to get cleared by people and that’s the goal. I still think I can play, and I still want to play. It’s just going to be about how much I can play and see what today holds."

If Jackson is able to suit up on Sunday against the New England Patriots, it's been reported that he'll do so while wearing a brace on his left knee.