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Buffalo Rumblings' Week 4 NFL Predictions

Buffalo Rumblings makes its Week 4 NFL picks. Won't you, too?

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Each Thursday this season, I'm going to predict the outcome of every NFL game that weekend - including games played by the Buffalo Bils, of course. I generally am not very good at this, but thankfully, the job is made easier by the fact that I won't have to pick against any sort of spread. Still, I'm betting if y'all play along, many of you will wipe the floor with me. On to the Week 4 picks!

Ravens 34, Browns 13: Baltimore is good. Cleveland is not.

Falcons 27, Panthers 17: Atlanta's hot start will continue even though they're not playing an AFC West team this week. It's looking like the Panthers' offense - and by extension Cam Newton - may have been solved for the moment.

Lions 20, Vikings 17: The surprising Vikings are a much better team than most thought they'd be, and both of these teams have explosive talent on both sides of the ball. I still like Detroit's quarterback more than I like Minnesota's, though.

Texans 28, Titans 10: Very quietly, the Houston Texans have emerged as perhaps the best complete team in football.

Chiefs 19, Chargers 17: I'm not particularly fond of Kansas City in this matchup, but I like them better at home more than I like the temperamental Chargers on the road.

49ers 24, Jets 20: If you like smash-mouth football, this is a game you may want to pay attention to. San Francisco's got the better defense and the better quarterback.

Rams 17, Seahawks 14: St. Louis has done a nice job defensively this season, and look a little better than their 1-2 record might indicate. I like them in a game where Seattle will be coming down from an emotional high.

Cardinals 23, Dolphins 13: I think it's fair to argue that the Cardinals have had the best defense in football through three weeks. They'll continue their strong start against Miami's rookie quarterback.

Broncos 30, Raiders 22: This may finally be the week where Peyton Manning puts together a full four-quarter football game. Oakland's offense is shaping up, but they'll have a tough time keeping pace with No. 18.

Bengals 26, Jaguars 14: Jacksonville isn't very good offensively outside of their running back, so the Bengals' defensive woes are off the table for a week. Cincinnati has an explosive offense that shouldn't have a problem outpacing Mike Mularkey's crew.

Packers 28, Saints 27: Who'd have thought these two teams would be a combined 1-5 entering their Week 4 matchup?

Redskins 21, Buccaneers 18: The Bucs are a hard-nosed football team, but the Redskins are still scoring on offense, and I don't think the Bucs can stay with them.

Giants 24, Eagles 17: Philadelphia can't stop turning the ball over, and the Giants get an extra few days to prepare for this one.

Cowboys 20, Bears 14: These two teams should have looked better than they have early in the season, but this should be a worthwhile way to spend your time on Monday night.

Patriots 27, Bills 24: I really do believe that the Bills will be very competitive in this football game - not just because I think they'll play well, but because the Pats haven't been very good thus far. New England just has much more explosive potential offensively this week, especially if C.J. Spiller can't play. Plus... can the Pats really lose three in a row? Really?

NFL Prediction Record: 26-22
Bills Prediction Record: 2-1