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Bills vs. Patriots: Tedy Bruschi Picks Buffalo... Wait, Really?

Get your best "year 2012" jokes ready, Buffalo Bills fans, because Tedy Bruschi has picked your favorite team to beat the New England Patriots tomorrow.

"I don't know which Patriots team will show up," Bruschi writes on He later continues, "The Bills have been preparing for this very game for the last two years. They drafted Marcell Dareus to be their Vince Wilfork. They backed up the Brinks truck for Mario Williams for this game. To get after Tom Brady. Then they signed Mark Anderson to do the same thing.

"Based on what I've seen from the Patriots the past two weeks, they have a long way to go," Bruschi concludes. "Going into Orchard Park to play a solid Bills team might be too much for them."

Whatever his diabolical rationale for predicting a 31-28 Bills victory is - and as it's Tedy Bruschi, we know that something is afoot, some sort of master motivational tactic, because why the bloody hell would Tedy Bruschi pick the Bills? - this actually happened.

What's next? Rodney Harrison singing the praises of Ryan Fitzpatrick every Sunday evening on NBC?