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Buffalo Bills Feared Losing Shawn Powell To Another Team

For two days, the only subtext (some may refer to it as "rumor") that we've heard regarding the Buffalo Bills' release of punter Brian Moorman had to do with a supposed "rift" between the veteran and special teams coordinator Bruce DeHaven - one that apparently led the Bills to "set Moorman up to fail," in the eyes of two anonymous AP sources.

Chris Brown, the lead journalist over at, had a slightly different take on the situation on Friday: the team didn't want to lose Powell.

"There were three NFL teams in need of a punter this past week, namely Detroit, Dallas and Philadelphia, due either to injury or poor performance," Brown wrote in his weekly column. "Buffalo had invested time and energy into Powell, and almost drafted him last spring. They envisioned him as their punter of the future and did not want another NFL club signing him away."

The irony, of course, is that as soon as the Bills dumped Moorman to retain Powell, one of those three teams - Dallas - scooped up Moorman.

"Unfortunately the needs of other clubs sped up the process of Powell taking over for Moorman as the team’s new punter because Buffalo would’ve lost him to one of those clubs," Brown continued. "It’s unfortunate, but as Buddy said, he has to do what’s best for the team at all times. And being without a punter next year and beyond would’ve left them with another hole, when they had their long term answer at the position right under their nose."