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Buffalo Bills Give Up Lead, New England Patriots Tie It Up At 21

The New England Patriots may have been down 21-7 but after two consecutive scores by the Tom Brady-led offense, they have tied the Buffalo Bills at 21 apiece. Brady surgically tore apart the Bills defense through the air before lumbering into the end zone for a four yard touchdown scramble.

When his receivers were covered and the wall of Buffalo's defensive line parted, Brady saw his opening and took it, slowly falling into the end zone. A roughing the passer penalty on a below-the-knee hit by Kyle Williams brought the Patriots inside the Bills' ten a play before he found the end zone.

The scoring play had to be reviewed to see if Brady's knee was down before the ball crossed into the end zone. Despite a good angle, the referee determined there was no conclusive evidence and upheld the ruling of a touchdown.

Buffalo now gets the ball after surrendering their 14-point lead. How will they respond?