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Patriots 52, Bills 28: Buffalo "Back To The Drawing Board" Defensively

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The Buffalo Bills have poured major resources into building its defense over the past couple of off-seasons. In two division games this season, the Jets and Patriots have combined to score 100 points. So... nothing's changed.

The Buffalo Bills spent a Top 5 NFL Draft pick and $174.9 million in building their starting defensive line quartet. In three separate draft classes, they've spent six of their nine picks in the first three rounds on defenders (three defensive tackles, a middle linebacker and two cornerbacks); four of those six picks are currently starters.

Buffalo did all of this - built a strong-on-paper defensive line and got bigger and more physical in the back seven - to try to better compete with not just every offense they face, but particularly those of their division rivals: the New England Patriots, New York Jets and Miami Dolphins.

The Bills have played two division games thus far in 2012. They're 0-2 in those games, and in those losses to the Pats and Jets, they've surrendered a whopping, disgusting, and unfathomable 100 points. I only briefly considered a career as a math teacher more than a decade ago (true story), so my division is a little rusty, but I'm pretty sure that's 50 points per game.

Brad Wells of states the obvious in the above video: coordinator Dave Wannstedt and the Bills need to go back to the drawing board.