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Giants vs. Cowboys: Football's Back Open Thread

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Real, honest to goodness football is back tonight, folks. In just one hour, the New York Giants will begin defense of their Super Bowl win last season with a home game against the Dallas Cowboys. I'm going to be watching, and I'm betting a lot of you will be, as well, so let's just have an open thread for tonight's game (and anything else you'd like to discuss), shall we?

In fact, what the heck, I'll go on record with a prediction: Giants 27, Cowboys 22. I'm going to be predicting every game this year, anyway, so that's my first prognostication of the year.

Finally, with the game kicking off in an hour, I'll make one last Week 1 plug for Buffalo Rumblings readers to play SB Nation's new fantasy football game, Pick 6 Football. You can pick your team within minutes and compete against the entire blog; I assure you you'll have a good time with this! Plus, the only SB Nation blog with more readers playing at this point is Arrowhead Pride. If we don't pass them tonight, the Bills will lose to the Chiefs in Week 2. It's on your heads.