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Bills vs. Jets: Stevie Johnson Is Active, But Not 100 Percent

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Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson is active for today's season opener against the New York Jets, but it appears to have been a close call - and he's clearly not completely healthy heading into today's matchup with Darrelle Revis.

Reporters on scene noted that Johnson only made a perfunctory appearance on the field this morning - he was there for about ten minutes, and did not participate in individual drills with the rest of the team's receivers - before retiring to the locker room. There was a 20-minute stretch where it looked like Johnson may not be available at all today, but sure enough, he's suiting up.

The real question is how effective Johnson can be knowing that he was limited throughout practice this week, and knowing that he's still struggling with the injury as of this morning. Add in the fact that rookie wide receiver T.J. Graham is among the seven Bills on the inactive list, and there's legitimate reason to worry about Buffalo's passing attack today.

The other six players inactive alongside Graham: Tarvaris Jackson, Sam Young, Colin Brown, Kyle Moore, Kirk Morrison and Delano Howell.