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Jets Open Up 27-7 Lead On Bills In First Half

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The Buffalo Bills are one half into their 2012 season purely in a technical sense, because their play on the field has been atrocious. They're currently trailing the New York Jets 27-7 at halftime in New Jersey.

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw an interception on each of the team's first two drives. Fred Jackson appeared to suffer a serious leg injury and is questionable to return. C.J. Spiller notched a 56-yard touchdown run, but also fumbled late in the first half to set up a Jets field goal. Mark Sanchez and the Jets have shredded Buffalo's new-look defense to the tune of 246 total yards and three lengthy scoring drives. Jeremy Kirley recorded a 68-yard touchdown on a punt return in the second quarter.

Buffalo gets the ball first in the second half. They are rattled, and they've got three scores to make up against a tough team on the road. We'll soon find out if the team has any mettle whatsoever, because they'll need a lot of it to make this even a competitive contest, let alone try to win.