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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Gil Brandt Projects Dion Jordan To Bills

Dion Jordan is going to the Buffalo Bills in yet another 2013 NFL Mock Draft - this time one penned by the venerable Gil Brandt.

Pat Lovell-USA TODAY Sports

In his post-2013 NFL Combine mock draft, Gil Brandt of has projected Oregon outside linebacker Dion Jordan to the Buffalo Bills with the No. 8 overall pick.

"The Bills need defensive help. Jordan, who really looked good (at the combine), should be able to provide some," Brandt writes. "One thing to pay attention to: He's going to have surgery to fix a torn labrum."

The interesting note here is that Jordan, one of the hottest prospects in the draft in the moment, is going off the board well before the Bills' pick in most mocks at this point in time; in fact, he's frequently given to the Philadelphia Eagles (and Jordan's college head coach, Chip Kelly) despite the lingering surgery. Meanwhile, the other player with a torn labrum (Dee Milliner) goes No. 5 overall, while the draft's major medical red flag, Jarvis Jones, slides all the way down to No. 26 overall - though that's based mostly on the fact that Jones didn't work out in Indianapolis.

We've seen Jordan mocked to the Bills before and likely will again, but if his strong off-season keeps up, it's no lock at all that he'll be on the board when Buddy Nix is ready to pick a player.