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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Ezekiel Ansah To Buffalo Bills

Ziggy Ansah blew up the 2013 NFL Combine despite not training for the event. Is there a potential downside to that story airing?

Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE

The run on pass rushers projected to the Buffalo Bills in a 2013 NFL Mock Draft continued this morning, when Dan Kadar and Matthew Fairburn slotted BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah in at No. 8 overall.

The 6'5", 271-pound Ghana native has only been playing football since 2010; he has a track background and once had aspirations to play in the NBA. His inexperience on the gridiron is his only major red flag at the moment; he's had an excellent off-season at the Senior Bowl and the Combine, and has flown up pre-draft rankings as a result.

How impressive was his performance in Indianapolis, you ask? He ran an official 4.63-second 40-yard dash with a ridiculous 1.56-second 10-yard split, displayed a 34.5-inch vertical jump, and looked great running through linebacker drills - and he did all of that despite not training for the event, per a Dan Pompei report.

While it's certainly impressive that Ansah can put on such a show despite the atypical training regimen, it's also fair to wonder how dedicated he is to the sport, given his brief amount of time playing it and other reported interests. Then again, with athletic upside of this nature, it's also fair to wonder how much that lack of dedication matters. Does Pompei's report give anyone (any more) pause about Ansah?