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2013 NFL Draft: Greg Cosell Sees Matt Barkley As Mid-Round Talent

USC's Matt Barkley is one of the big names at quarterback in the 2013 NFL Draft, but at least one reputable draft analyst sees the four-year starter as a fourth-round talent.

Steve Dykes

Greg Cosell of NFL Films is, without a doubt, one of the most compelling NFL Draft analysts in the business today. His unique approach to player evaluation - which focuses predominantly on discussing the traits necessary to succeed at the NFL level as seen on film, and less about player rankings and 40 times - is carried out mostly via Twitter, and offers some of the frankest and in-depth draft-related discussion available for consumption.

Cosell recently provided a harsh critique of USC quarterback Matt Barkley, thought by many to be a consideration for teams in the Top 10, in an appearance on NFL Network.

"When I look at Matt Barkley, here's a couple of things I immediately see," Cosell said. "Number one, he has average arm strength by NFL standards. Number two, his feet are not particularly quick, he has slower feet. And three, he's a little shorter.

"So then I go beyond that and think, 'okay, how can he be successful in the NFL when you got certain limitations?'," Cosell continued. "And I think those limitations are the things I notice immediately, and it's very difficult for me to look at him as a first- or second-round pick given those limitations and given what I know works effectively in the NFL."

A four-year starter at USC, Barkley was often cited as a potential No. 7 overall pick to the Arizona Cardinals in earlier months, and will likely be projected to the Buffalo Bills a time or two before April 25, as well. If Cosell - who views Barkley as a mid-round talent - is accurate with his evaluation, however, nabbing Barkley that high could be a rather monumental mistake from a value standpoint.