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Chip Kelly May Be A Buffalo Bills Head Coach Target

Oregon's Chip Kelly is arguably the hottest head coaching commodity at the NFL level - and rumors are swirling that the Buffalo Bills are interested in pitching themselves to Kelly.

Stephen Dunn

The chief decision-makers for the Buffalo Bills are en route to Arizona to interview at least three head coaching candidates. We say "at least" three, because a fourth may be on the agenda: University of Oregon head coach Chip Kelly.

There have not been any ironclad reports that the Bills have set up any sort of one-on-one meeting with the hottest name on the college coaching circuit, but three separate tweets - one from Jason La Canfora, one from Howard Simon and one from Chris Brown - hint at the possibility of the Bills looking up Kelly and making their pitch while they're out west.

Kelly, 49, is with his Ducks in Tempe, Arizona for Thursday's Fiesta Bowl - played at the home of the Arizona Cardinals - against Kansas State. The fourth-year head coach is among a handful of college-level coaches rumored to be interested in an NFL gig; Kelly was close to accepting the Tampa Bay job that eventually went to Greg Schiano last winter, but elected to return to Oregon.

In those four years as Oregon's head coach, Kelly is 45-7 overall and has turned the school into a perennial national title contender. Known for having one of the fastest teams in college football and an electrifying offense, Kelly is viewed as an innovator - and forward-thinking coaches are all the rage these days.

La Canfora was quick to point out that he believes that Kelly is still leaning toward remaining at the college level in 2013. Through various reports, he has been named the "top candidate" for two teams searching for new head coaches: the Cleveland Browns and the Philadelphia Eagles. If that trio of tweets is accurate, the Bills will be making their pitch to Kelly, as well. What can it hurt, right?