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Web Rumblings: Buffalo Bills News, 1/10

The Buffalo Bills have their coordinators in place after the hiring of Mike Pettine to coach the defense. Read local and national reactions to the move here.


Bills' D-coordinator known for bringing heat - Buffalo News
Last year the Bills didn't blitz a lot. Mike Pettine blitzes a lot.

Damien Woody: Mike Pettine gives Bills D serious bite- Press Coverage - Buffalo News
The former Jet talks about Mike Pettine with Tim Graham.

Buffalo Bills reportedly select coordinators - Democrat and Chronicle
"Marrone wasn't kidding. Less than two days after taking the reins in Buffalo, according to various reports, Marrone has already made the two most important decisions regarding his coaching staff, though nothing official was announced by the Bills Wednesday."

Inside The Bills | TE Chandler having surgery Thurs.
"I’m doing well right now," Chandler told Murphy. "I’ve got surgery scheduled for Thursday so I won’t be going along so well after that. But I’m anxious to get it done and get back on the road to recovery and be ready to go next year."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills Hire Mike Pettine As DC
"Pettine spent four seasons with the Jets as coordinator, where they ranked in the top 10 of the NFL in yards allowed every year. In his first three seasons, the Jets ranked in the top five of that same category. In 2009, Pettine's first season, the Jets were the top defense in both points and yards allowed."

Mike Pettine's dilemma: 3-4 or 4-3 defense? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"This is a great hire for the Bills as long as they can correctly answer one question: Will Pettine run his 3-4 defense in Buffalo or keep the Bills in a 4-3 scheme?"

Good health didn't help the AFC East - AFC East Blog - ESPN
The Buffalo Bills had players miss a combined 55 games.

Would Mario Williams be happy as OLB? - AFC East Blog - ESPN
"Would Williams be happy as an outside linebacker again in Buffalo? Williams is a natural 4-3 defensive end who would play out of position in Pettine's scheme. Or will Pettine sacrifice his scheme and run a 4-3 for his highest-paid player to remain in his natural position?"

Marrone Nabs Unlikely Seat in Coaching Musical Chairs -
"Marrone may turn out to be a brilliant hire, but it certainly left more than a few Bills fans - a hardy sort, to be sure, considering the team’s tormented history - scratching their heads. Who knew they should have been watching the Pinstripe Bowl."

Podcast: Will the Buffalo Bills Steal Saints Coaches? - Canal Street Chronicles
I'm not saying there is a guy in the comments sections who disses Buffalo and their women. I'm also not not saying it.

Bills hire Nathaniel Hackett, could the K-Gun return? -
"The Buffalo Bills have hired Nathaniel Hackett, a noted practitioner of the K-Gun offense, to be their offensive coordinator. Could he bring it back to Buffalo?"

New Buffalo Bills offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett ready for 'chance of lifetime' |
"Hackett said he was offered the job Monday night during a phone conversation with Marrone, the former SU head coach who gave Hackett "the chance of a lifetime" to return to Buffalo and take the reins of an NFL offense."

Report: Pettine has accepted defensive coordinator job with Bills -
Pettine: "I thought it would be good to be exposed to a different style of coaching, a different system," he said. "It’s like continuing education - the more things you can expose yourself too, it’s beneficial."