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Buffalo Bills News, 1/12: Andre Reed Talks Hall of Fame

Torell Troup discusses his recovery from back surgery, Andre Reed discusses his Hall of Fame chances and a C.J. Spiller video reel highlight today's best Buffalo Bills links.

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Inside The Bills | Reed waits for the call from the Hall

Reed: "Any time you’re even put on the preliminary list and then you make it to the semifinals, and then you make it to the finals, that’s really pretty much a validation of what somebody thinks you have done, and what kind of a player you were. That’s how I look at it."

Reed sounds more agitated than he can actually say. He doesn't want to offend anyone on the selection committee, but wants to show he's frustrated by the whole process, in my opinion. I thought his best shot was a year ago, but with first-ballot guys that include Jonathan Ogden, Larry Allen, Warren Sapp and Michael Strahan, it might be tough to get him in this year. We'll be writing more on Reed's chances as January comes to a close.

Bills’ Troup wants to show what he can do - The Buffalo News

"The doctors told me everything is all pretty much healed up, so I’m going to keep pushing forward and keep working out," (Troup) said. "Hopefully this offseason goes by fast."

One of the things that will really benefit Troup on his return is the completely new coaching staff. They won't look at him as being on his third chance, but as a player they can use on their defensive line. If everything is healed up as he says, Troup could be ready to take on a role going forward. That would mean good things for Buddy Nix, who has been roundly criticized for his inaugural draft class, though Alex Carrington made a nice impact in 2012 as a wave player and special teamer.

2012: Best of C.J. Spiller - VIDEO -

"Relive the best of Buffalo Bills running back C.J. Spiller's breakout season as he rushed for over 1,200 yards for the first time in his young career."

This video should have been much longer than 1:47. It focuses on field-level video of Spiller breaking ankles, which isn't my cup of tea. I'd rather see the play develop and show off Spiller's patience and the excellent guards blocking in space. His touchdown against the Browns was a thing of beauty to watch develop, but they showed one cut and him crossing the goal line.

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