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NFL Playoff Schedule 2013: Broncos vs. Ravens Live Chat

In what has become their annual rite, Buffalo Bills fans watch and discuss other teams playing in the post-season - in this case, the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens.


To put it frankly, last weekend's round of NFL wild card playoff games was awful. Congrats to the four winning teams and everything, but good grief, did those four games drag on. Moments of entertainment were few and far between as offenses struggled, players got hurt and sloppy football ruled the weekend.

Hopefully, as we move into the divisional round, things get cleaner, more competitive and much more entertaining. We'll start at Sports Authority Field at Mile High, where the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens are squaring off for the right to make an appearance in the AFC championship game. Peyton Manning versus Ray Lewis is hard to mess up, right?

If you'd like to chat during the game with Broncos or Ravens fans, we'll point you in the direction of their respective SB Nation affiliates, Mile High Report and Baltimore Beatdown. Or, if you'd rather watch and discuss with fellow Bills fans, this thread is open for business. Who does everyone like in this contest?