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Buffalo Bills News, 1/13: Deconstructing Doug Marrone's Offense

Mark Gaughan's piece at The Buffalo News analyzing Doug Marrone's offensive progression is the highlight of today's collected Bills links.


Bills offense will be full of spice - The Buffalo News

Mark Gaughan breaks down how the Doug Marrone - and by extension Nathaniel Hackett - offense evolved at Syracuse as his personnel matured. He also goes back to Marrone's experience with the Saints and as a position coach.

Gaughan preaches flexibity in this piece, showing how the two offensive minds are able to think and adjust on the fly. It's also something Chan Gailey was noted for in Pittsburgh. A buried Floyd Little quote talks about Syracuse's physicality, and the Orange ran the ball on 52 percent of their plays in 2012. In Buffalo, they ran it 44 percent of the time. An extra 70 rushes between C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson would have pleased a lot of Bills fans.

What does the Department of Analytics mean? | Buffalo Bills Draft

"Both Pro Football Focus and Football Outsiders are amazing sites that provide a service to their subscribers that you cannot find anywhere else. We wanted to reach out to people at both those sites to help get some insight of what the Bills may be implementing."

I wouldn't call anything here eye-opening and the format is a little rigid, but the information is useful. I guess you could say that about analytics, too. Both analysts tell you that analytics isn't a be-all, end-all that can instantly improve your team, but it's a tool that some teams are already using to make better-informed decisions.

More clicks

While Marrone hire is encouraging, show me the baby - The Corning Leader
"But for whatever it’s worth, Marrone appears to be a much more inspired hire - at least in comparison to say, Chan Gailey or Dick Jauron."

Comparing Bills Players To Their All-Pro Counterparts | Queen City Sports
The Bills could have had more players on the All-Pro team, says Rob Quinn.

Looking Back At The NFL’s Greatest Collapse | Only A Game
The public radio program looks back at the game. The headline is a little misleading, as it focuses on the Bills comeback more than the collapse of the Oilers.

Would You Ever Trade CJ Spiller? - Buffalowdown
"I think I would if it would guarantee me a franchise quarterback."

Field Goals: Buffalo Bills' Season Awards - Buffalo Wins
My only real gripe is calling Cordy Glenn "Rookie of the Year" when Stephon Gilmore played very well.