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NFL Playoff Schedule 2013: Patriots vs. Texans Live Chat

We've witnessed three incredible games-slash-performances so far this weekend. Can the Patriots and Texans put up an epic showing to complete a clean sweep?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Mid-way through the third quarter in Georgia, it looked like the Atlanta Falcons - up 27-7 on the Seattle Seahawks at that point in time - was going to deliver the first blowout win of the NFL's divisional playoff weekend. Then the Seahawks, behind rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, scored 21 straight points to take a 28-27 lead with 31 seconds left. Then the Falcons, led by embattled playoff quarterback Matt Ryan, took two throws to get into field goal range; Matt Bryant drilled a 49-yarder to give the Falcons a 30-28 win and send them to the NFC championship game.

Whoa. Tip of the hat to the folks at The Falcoholic, who currently have the highest blood pressure of any fan base on the planet.

That leaves just one game left this weekend: the New England Patriots host the Houston Texans for the right to play Baltimore in next week's AFC championship game. We'll point you in the direction of Pats Pulpit and Battle Red Blog if you're up with conversing with fans invested in the game's outcome; otherwise, this thread is open for business.