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Buffalo Bills Coaching Staff: Doug Marrone Adds 10 Assistants

The Buffalo Bills' coaching staff is now 14 strong (including head coach Doug Marrone), but significant openings remain on the offensive side of the ball.


The Buffalo Bills and head coach Doug Marrone have officially confirmed the addition of 10 new assistant coaches, bringing the total number of coaches on the Bills' coaching staff to 14 with several key openings remaining.

Five of the 10 new faces are names that we've already covered: Tyrone Wheatley will coach the running backs; Anthony Weaver will coach the defensive line; Jim O'Neil and Chuck Driesbach are both listed as linebackers coaches; and Brian Fleury was added for defensive quality control.

Eric Ciano was also brought back as the head of strength and conditioning; he'd served in that role for the past three seasons under departed head coach Chan Gailey.

The remaining four new faces: Greg Adkins, the former offensive line coach at Syracuse, will coach Buffalo's tight ends; Donnie Henderson, a former defensive coordinator in New York and Detroit, is another Syracuse assistant joining Marrone (he'll coach defensive backs); Samson Brown will assist Henderson with the defensive backs; and Jason Rebrovich will help the aforementioned Fleury with defensive quality control. (That's two linebackers coaches and two defensive quality control coaches, for the record.) Detailed backgrounds on all of the new coaches can be found in the team's release.

Even with 14 coaches now hired, the Bills still have notable coaching openings, and they're all on the offensive side of the ball. The team still needs a quarterbacks coach (though offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett held both titles at Syracuse, which is something to keep in mind), a receivers coach and an offensive line coach. So far, Buffalo's offensive assistants are exclusively ex-Syracuse coaches: Marrone, Hackett, Wheatley and Adkins.

Here's what Buffalo's coaching staff looks like so far:

  • Head Coach: Doug Marrone
  • Offensive Coordinator: Nathaniel Hackett
  • Quarterbacks: (vacant)
  • Running Backs: Tyrone Wheatley
  • Wide Receivers: (vacant)
  • Tight Ends: Greg Adkins
  • Offensive Line: (vacant)
  • Defensive Coordinator: Mike Pettine
  • Defensive Line: Anthony Weaver
  • Linebackers: Chuck Driesbach
  • Linebackers: Jim O'Neil
  • Defensive Backs: Donnie Henderson
  • Assistant Defensive Backs: Samson Brown
  • Defensive Quality Control: Brian Fleury
  • Defensive Quality Control: Jason Rebrovich
  • Special Teams Coordinator: Danny Crossman
  • Head Strength and Conditioning: Eric Ciano