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Buddy Nix Returns As Buffalo Bills GM: Approval Poll

Russ Brandon's first act as Buffalo Bills team president was to retain Buddy Nix as general manager. Is this something that Bills fans approve of, or not?


Russ Brandon was granted the title of team president - and with it, final authority on all organizational matters, including the football operation - by Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson on New Year's Day. Brandon's first major decision with his new power was to retain Buddy Nix as the team's general manager.

We will be refraining from posting our monthly Nix approval poll (as well as the inaugural Brandon approval poll) until the Bills hire their next head coach. That doesn't stop us from wondering, however, what percentage of our readership is on board with Nix's retention.

Every record held against departed head coach Chan Gailey - including 16-32 overall, 4-14 in the division, 2-18 against playoff teams and 4-24 against teams that finished .500 or better - can be applied to Nix, as well. Nix hired Gailey and has neglected to satisfy the long-standing need for a franchise quarterback. Those transgressions are weighed against all of the good to great players he's responsible for bringing in, and the perceived increase in overall roster talent between January of 2010 and today.

Forget about the transition plan to Nix's top assistant, Doug Whaley, that is supposedly in place; that's existed since Whaley was hired roughly a month and a half after Nix became the GM. We're interested solely in whether or not you believe that bringing Nix back to head up the football department for a fourth season is something you approve of. The poll is below, and the comments section is all yours. Go.