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AFC Championship Game: Patriots vs. Ravens Live Chat

Buffalo Bills fans discuss the events of today's AFC championship game between the New England Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens.

Al Bello

After trailing 17-0 in the second quarter and 24-14 at halftime, the San Francisco 49ers came all the way back to beat the Atlanta Falcons to earn a berth in Super Bowl XLVII.

Now it's time to figure out who the 49ers will be playing in two weeks down in New Orleans. The AFC championship game features the New England Patriots hosting the Baltimore Ravens - and again, we've got legends squaring off.

The folks over at Pats Pulpit will obviously be rooting for Super Bowl appearance No. 8, including the sixth in the career of Tom Brady (who is thus far 3-2 in the big game). New England has been the AFC representative in the Super Bowl in five of the last 11 seasons; can they make it six of 12?

John Harbaugh and the Baltimore Ravens (repped at SB Nation by the crew at Baltimore Beatdown) stand in the way. Harbaugh's brother, Jim Harbaugh, just locked up a spot in the Super Bowl; a Ravens win would mean an all-Harbaugh Super Bowl. Add in the impending retirement of future Hall of Fame linebacker Ray Lewis, and the story lines in this game are huge.

Brady or Lewis? Pats/Niners, or the all-Harbaugh Niners/Ravens? We'll know within roughly four hours. Game on!