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Senior Bowl 2013 Stock Report: Tyler Wilson, Mike Glennon Impress

SB Nation's B.J. Kissel checks in from Mobile, AL, where he discusses 2013 NFL Draft prospects that have impressed (or haven't) at the Senior Bowl.

Wondering which 2013 NFL Draft prospects have been impressing - or have not - at this week's Senior Bowl? SB Nation's B.J. Kissel (hailing from our friends at Arrowhead Pride) is on the ground in Mobile, and has reported in with his stock up, stock down reports.

The video above discusses two of the hotter names at quarterback this week: Tyler Wilson (Arkansas) and Mike Glennon (North Carolina State). Kissel prefers the work that Wilson has put forward this week, but notes that there's a good amount of buzz surrounding Glennon, as well. Buffalo Bills GM Buddy Nix, meanwhile, discussed both of those quarterbacks from Mobile earlier this week in a short interview with John Murphy.

Nix on Tyler Wilson: "Tyler got kind of beat up during the year. They didn't have great protection for him. (He) took a lot of licks. My thinking from watching him at the school was his arm wasn't that strong. But the two days I've watched him here, he's got a live arm. He's got plenty."

Nix on Mike Glennon: "He's a true drop back passer, and he can throw it through a wall. He's got a strong arm, and he can see. The only negative is mobility; he's not a running kind of quarterback, but he's a guy that can slide and get out of the way. And again, he's got a really strong arm."

Then, in the video below, Kissel comes back with more stock talk on prospects that don't play quarterback. A name on his "stock up" list below that Bills fans should study a bit more, in my opinion: Louisiana Tech wide receiver Quinton Patton.