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Darrelle Revis Trade Rumors: Buffalo Bills Interested, Per Report

A report says the Buffalo Bills are interested in Jets cornerback Darrelle Revis, purportedly on the trade block. (Good!) But he plays for the Jets, who are in Buffalo's division. (Oh yeah.)

Chris McGrath

The big story in the NFL over the past day or so has been the report that the New York Jets are keen on the idea of trading star cornerback Darrelle Revis. Per Mike Freeman of, the Buffalo Bills are among the droves of teams that would be interested in landing arguably the best corner in football.

Freeman also adroitly points out that the Bills are exceedingly unlikely to land Revis, what with the Jets being a division rival and all. Nobody in their right mind could actually believe that Rex Ryan would trade his best defender to his former defensive coordinator (Mike Pettine), who now works for a team that Ryan must coach against twice a year.

The Jets are reportedly asking for first- and second-round picks in exchange for Revis, and Freeman reports that the Denver Broncos, San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks are interested in Revis, as well.

What this report tells us is that the Bills' front office collectively has two brain cells to rub together - because who wouldn't at least discuss the idea of acquiring one of the most talented players in your sport? Aside from the idea that the Bills think getting a great player could make the team better, this report is fairly insignificant, given that the market for Revis could get a little ridiculous, Revis will want a record-setting contract (the Bills already have one of those on the books), and that whole AFC East thing.

But it's fun to talk about, I suppose. What would you give up for Revis, Bills fans? Better yet, what do you think it would take for the Jets and Ryan to acquiesce to such a mind-bogglingly stupid decision to trade Revis to Buffalo?