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Buffalo Bills News, 1/30: Bills Toronto Series Renewed For Five Years

The Buffalo Bills will continue to play one game a year in Toronto. We round up the reactions, plus more Bills news in today's edition of Web Rumblings.

Rick Stewart
Matt Warren is Associate Director of NFL coverage for SB Nation and previously covered the Bills for Buffalo Rumblings for more than a decade.

Bills CB Tells Fans To "Know Your Role" - Trending Buffalo

Aaron Williams tells "football experts" to "know your role and shut your mouth."

Ugh. This guy has been using Twitter for all the wrong reasons since entering the league. He gets into petty fights with Bills fans, and now sends this out seemingly unprovoked. Brad Riter does a good job of putting Williams in his place with his response. Maybe Williams Googled "The Rock" after his big Royal Rumble win, and just had to post this meme without thinking about the consequences, but either way it's bad form for a guy picked two spots ahead of Colin Kaepernick.

Buffalo Bills, Rogers Centre reach deal to continue playing one NFL game per season in Toronto | Toronto Star

"Ticket prices will remain consistent with last season’s game with more than 60 per cent of the seats less than $100 each."

Maintaining ticket prices are a big key for the success of this deal. Last season, Rogers lowered the price of the tickets and got their best response yet (from a sales perspective) from the fans in Canada. Who would have thought that lower ticket prices would raise demand? All kidding aside, if the Bills have any hope of staging the showcase event that Russ Brandon wants, they need to get better on the field - as the CEO admitted. While it's successful in the Bills' pocketbooks, it's still a joke among the players, media and fans as long as the crowd doesn't care. Winning should cure that.

Bills in Toronto

Bills Roundup: Bills in Toronto Partnership - VIDEO -
"The Buffalo Bills and Rogers Media announce a new five year partnership to continue the Bills in Toronto Series."

Rogers Media, Buffalo Bills extend Toronto deal -
"Audiences for the 2012 Bills in Toronto game (Bills vs. Seahawks, Dec. 16) on City and Sportsnet were up 6% over 2011 (404,000 viewers vs. 381,000*) and 19% since the inaugural Bills in Toronto game in 2008 (404,000 vs. 340,000**)."

Inside The Bills | Bills say Toronto series is already a success
"When we embarked on this, one of our plans was to make sure that we had more fans come from Southern Ontario back to Ralph Wilson Stadium.," the Bills President said. "In five years, we have seen that growth go from 11-percent of our fan base from the Greater Toronto Area, to over 20-percent. So it has certainly worked for us back at Ralph Wilson Stadium."

Inside The Bills | Bills say winning is key to success of Toronto series
"Brandon says more wins in Toronto, and in Buffalo and elsewhere in the NFL, will mean more success for the Toronto series, as the franchise tries to extend its’ brand to the vast population center of Southern Ontario."

Bills’ series in Toronto extended five more years - Sports - The Buffalo News
"Neither side divulged Tuesday how much the Bills will be paid for this extension, which includes only one preseason game, in 2015."

WGR 550 SportsRadio - Bills Series In Toronto Renewed
"First and foremost, I'm very excited about the future of Buffalo," he remarked. "But, you cannot deny the fact that we've had corporate decline, we've had population drain over the last 30 years. We have gone from when Mr. Wilson bought this team, the 20th largest market to the 56th largest market, and the NFL has gone the other way."

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Brad Smith Q+A: Bills, Bills, Bills |
"Buffalo's do-it-all WR talks about the Bills' season, his time with the Jets and his Fashion Week internship."

Bills O-line coach Morris set to move line forward -
"There are probably different ways to present it, but they basically are the same," said Morris of line techniques. "Pass protection is pass protection and run blocking is run blocking. There’s zone blocking, man blocking. If there’s any difference I may say it a little bit different than they would. Our system that coach Marrone is bringing in is different terminology. I think that’s the biggest transition."